28 august, 2018 Blog

"Is Vastu a Science or Vedic Vidhya?"

Studying the Vastu is Purely Science. it has rules and principles, it has universally applicable laws. it works on earth energies and axises.

Its not only Important in Indian culture but it is important for man kind and most of the countries are following it, but as usual We have been forced to believe in the western thinking from so long that now if we follow our own science we seek recommendations from them.

1. Term architecture is taken from our own “shilp shastra” which is a division of Vastu.

2. Vastu is science of directions and how the directions impact us and how we can use them to make our life easy and beautiful.

3. It is so ancient science that we have 8 shiva temples on one latitude across India, which as per the world is still not possible in the era of google.

4. White house is constructed as per our Vastu Shastra

5. Pyramids of Egypt is another example

6. Taj mahal worlds one of the best wonder is vastu auspicious

7. Science word derived from Samkhya and Vastu is part of it. 

medicine can only work when your mind is able to give the signal, medicine is a facilitator so as the Vastu is. 

from here we can see how vastu has impact on us and its not only part of our believing, So those who are still follows Vedic wisdom  follows Vastu.