What is Numerology

Course is ideal for those who want quick Study of Numerology During these 2 session you will learn and get answers to:

1. Calculation & Usage Birth Date Numbers

2. Calculation & Effects: Your Core Strengths & Weaknesses

3. Selecting Ideal Partner for you

4. Selection of right Subjects & Career stream

5. Selection of beneficial - Vehicle Number & Colour

6. Mobile Number & Passwords

7. What should be your Name Number & Why? How to select alphabets for your Name Spelling? Importance of First Name, Middle Name & Family Name Nick

8. Name: Effect & Usage Personality analysis on the basis of Name Number Numerology Remedies to Enhance Number Strengths: Mantra Colours (for clothes, recommended & to be avoided)

9. Know your Parkarti buy Losho Grid !

Fire Air Water or Rajas Satav Tamas

Costing of this course will be 2100.