What is Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is the science which can lead you live the happy and successful life, it is part of our vedic scriptures, In ancient time it is only used for well being of Kings so that they can rule and remain always on top. you can observe all the ancient temples mosques church everything is based on vastu shastra, vastu is so logical and effective that with some remedies you can get free from all the problems in your life.

We have 16 Directions each Direction represents one context of life. It is based on 5 Elements water air fire earth and space. In general most people know about 8 Directions in Vastu but the attributes and Name of all Directions are as follows 
North :- Money And Opportunities, NNE: - Health Immunity , NE:- Mind / Vision,   ENE:- Fun happiness,   East:- Associations,   ESE:- Analysis and Anxiety,     SE:- Cash flow,   SSE:- Confidence,     South:- Fame and Relaxation,     SSW:- Expenditure,    SW:- Relationships,    WSW:- Education,     West:- Gains,    WNW:- depression,     NW:- Support,     NNW:- Sex 

about Acharaya Pankit Goyal

Acharaya Pankit Goyal is renowned Vastu Expert and Coach based in Delhi , Passion to help others bring him in this field and he become most popular amongst celebrities and industrialist then He decided to provide education and started his courses in different aspects of vastu shastra.

His first course is absolutely free, That is good for beginners to understand what is vastu, with the help of this course one can solve his personal problems and bring happiness in life.

After this if someone wants to become professional, we offer different courses so next course is Numerology, it includes in depth knowledge numerology and relation of numbers and vastu, you get to know about Your Parkriti.

After this course you become professional numerologist Then We have AstroVastu [ Astrology ] course which gives you crisp knowledge on astrology and relation with vastu shastra After this knowledge journey of in depth and detailing of vastu Shastra starts with Devtas course and second part of it 45 Devats in details.

It gives you a vision to look at all the aspects of life with minute detailing not only of vastu but of business growth.

So after all above course you are eligible for business growth course . From here the Journey of Unseen beings with Intuitions course to develop intuitive power within Above all enables you to join his Advance Vastu Course and you become samrajya Vastu consultant certified by Acharaya Pankit Goyal.

So list of our courses are as follows

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