What is Astrology

Course is ideal for those who want quick Study of Astrology Fundaments, Art of Reading Horoscope and formulas to Choose beneficial Gem stones, Colours and personal accessories.

It enables you to Learn a step by step procedure to read your horoscope and get answers to important questions about Money, Health, Marriage, Job, children, Relationships and Business.

Course is led by Acharaya Pankit Goyal to enable you to step-by- step decode your horoscope.

During these 4 session you will learn and get answers to:

1. What are Planets House Rashis and Transit and Dashas

2. 12 Houses in Details

3. How to understand your personality - physicalmental attributes.

4. Map your health pain and weakness

5. Financial resources and money

6. Which Profession Business or Job is good for you?

7. Understanding with the Partner

8. How to decide favourable education for your children.

10. What is the mantra for your life.

11. Decide beneficial Gem Stones, colours and personal accessories for safe guarding from negative planet effects.

12. Understand effects of planets on life with timelines.

Costing of this course will be 4400.