28 august, 2018 Blog

"Marriageable girl should sleep in North West Zone"- its a Myth

It is an old saying that a marriageable girl should sleep in North West, its a totally Myth, yes north west direction support it but a girl should sleep there is not correct

*“Marriageable girls should sleep in NW zone”- it’s a myth*


NW is said to be beneficial to make the goods move faster that’s why,it is considered by many people to make the  marriageable girls to sleep in the NW zone because it was thought to also help in girls moving outside the house faster by getting married.


On the contrary it will negatively effect the girls. Marriage may occur but partners may not have care and understanding towards each other. Also, making the girls sleep in this zone will negatively effect their reproductive capabilities and the girls may face problems in conceiving.

So, the most beneficial zones where marriageable girls should sleep are - S, SSE, SSW, WSW . Sleeping in any of these zones will benefit in terms making them cool & calm also will boost self confidence and benefit their health as well