Intuitions Course

What is Intuitions Course

Course is ideal for those who want the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. During the course you will learn and get answers to:

  1. Recognising self element in different situations of life.
  2. Finding Dosha in building from far place with the help of self elements.
  3. Which element is creating problem and which will solve it / only with Intuitions.
  4. Land Prakriti check by Nadi.
  5. Selection of auspicious land
  6. Deciding Purpose of land.
  7. Utilisation of different parts of land as per nature of land.
  8. Live practical of Intuitions, intuitive diagnosis of a place.Live practical of Intuitions, intuitive diagnosis of a place.
  9. Intuitively visiting a place.
  10. Recognising Vibrations in body by chkras and elemental meditaion.
  11. Smell of 5 elements and using it for business development
  12. Taste of 5 elements for balancing of house/home and recognising vastu dosha.
  13. Nadi ( Vatt, pitt, cough ) of land and changing of Nadi of land.
  14. Aura check of Buildings / Land and Human body.
  15. Recognising health problems by Hand vibration.
  16. Special topic on Finding the hidden object in land.
  17. How to use Tools ( Scanner / Y - Rod / Pendulum]
  • Complete Aura Scanning
  • Complete Intuitive diagnosis
  • Alining with nature
  • Development of Energies with in.
  • Experience of new world of the unseen.