Advance Vastu Course

What is Advance Vastu Course

  1. Different zones of House according to Rajas Satav N Tamas
  2. Auspicious Dates / Tithis as per your elements.
  3. Different soils- colour/ Smell purpose and utilisation.
  4. New Construction of House from Zero to all factors.
  5. Effects of Surrounding on house
  6. Effects of Surrounding on commercial activity
  7. Township Planning
  8. Devbhumi pishachbhumi concept n gridding and remedies
  9. All types of Dwar bhed effects and remedies
  10. Effects of different types of slopes and remedies.
  11. Sewage system n Pipes and hidden underground factors of land effects and remedies
  12. Nagar Vastu
  13. Selecting best area as per you in the town.
  14. Treatments of Hidden energies of land.
  15. Intuitive diagnosis of devtas energy filed and treatment.
  16. When and how much quantity to use Advance remedies ( Devtas / studs ]
  17. Using Ancient remedies like Mercury/ Silver / Moor Pankh / Gomtichakra.
  18. When to use or not to use Gems stone.
  19. Finding Hidden object at home with the help of tools.
  • Complete solutions and Advance remedies.
  • Many more Vastu topics of Advance and ancient level to become a certified master in the field
  • Internship programme